Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Waiting Sucks

My wife of 37 years is sick. 

Her liver is failing her. 

While it does this, it causes her abdomen fill up with fluid. This has to be surgically drained every three to four weeks. It's been averaging around twelve liters each time. Last night they drained off fourteen liters. That's about thirty-five pounds of fluid.

Her doctor says that without a liver transplant, she has from between two to five years left. The catch is that for her to even get on the transplant list, she needs to lose a bunch of weight. In the neighborhood of a hundred pounds.

They've recommended bariatric surgery.

That's where she's at right now. They took her into surgery about thirty minutes ago. She'll be there for two to three hours.

Waiting sucks.

Before her surgery, her Doctor informed us that with her condition, this surgery is risky. She seems to have a fifty fifty chace of surviving. Not good odds in my book. But it has to be done. There's really no choice. Take a chance for a better life now or face an early death later.

Life sucks. Waiting sucks.

Her name is Ula Garrison. (pronounced yoo-la)

I'd appreciate it if you'd say a little prayer for her.


UPDATE: My wife is out of surgery after five and a half hours.

Her doctors say the next few days will tell the tale. If she tolerates the recovery and begins to heal, she'll be going home an a week or two.

Thanks for your prayers. We both appreciate it more than you know.

4/22/14: My wife is doing fairly well. She's up and doing some walking in the ICU hallways.

Her strength is improving. She will have another surgery, probably on Thursday or Friday to install a shunt between her liver and a large vein in order to redirect fluid from pooling in her abdomen. This surgery is fairly risky, so we are doing some serious praying.